What is t2

Together, we can shape the future of social

t2 is a transparent, decentralized, and collaborative social network around reading and writing.

We capture your reading time as a signal to cultivate better network content, align incentives, and empower content-driven communities.

"By offering the infrastructure to power up its people, t2 unfolds the intellectual landscape of human beings through thousands of self-sovereign territories having their own identity, truth, and culture. "

t²= (your) time × (my) time

t2 breaks the boundary between readers and writers through socialization and open collaboration. This nurtures a network of shared knowledge and our combined creativity. "When our time spent achieves alignment and connectivity, we make information more accessible, network content more relevant, and we make value born out of our encounters."

The Decentralized Cultural Clubs

t2 offers common ground for thousands of content communities to form and grow, with content sovereignty and shared ownership.

Communities on t2 are the cultural territories, the collective editorials, and the decentralized publishing houses with a shared passion.

By unfolding this cultural landscape on a societal level, we give the sovereignty of content to its very people, and return the world's diversity, authenticity, and collision of ideas.

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