Territories (Communities)

Build Cultural Territories

What are territories?

Territories (t2 subculture communities) are decentralized article clubs with their collaborative ownership shared between their readers, writers, and curators.

Why do we need territories?

t2's community-centric content distribution approach breaks the boundaries between readers, writers, and curators in their definition and contribution.
Furthermore, it replaces the opaque centralized algorithms with a more humane, genuine, and collaborative content production & curation approach between groups of people with their shared passion. This makes everything much more recognized, transparent, and fun.
Imagine hundreds of topic-driven Wikipedias with a decentralized social economy on top. This is what t2 is nurturing. This creates a diverse landscape of human intellect owned by its people, and eventually perpetuates culture and knowledge as our public goods.
Related Features:
  • Join a territory and start reading without a paywall
  • Level up territory time points while reading articles inside, to unlock new social features at every level
  • Submit proposals to list new articles inside the territory through a collective voting pool

Future Roadmap:

  • Task Boards: Open call for writers and open tasks with bounties from the territory treasury
  • Territory Live: Read-Together, Writing workshops, and Virtual hang-outs
  • Paid membership via NFTs based on every territory's own choice

Collective Ownership

t2 helps all territories to shape their own culture and own what they have co-created both in social recognition and skin-in-the-game upsides.
  • Aligning incentives since the reader's attention happens, by distributing time points to the related reader, writer, and curators retroactively
  • Every member's voting frequency and voting weight is based on territory level (Achieved by accumulating time points, non-transferable)
  • Collective governance of the territory's curation pool, open tasks, and bounty programs through simple voting

Future Mechanisms:

  • Built-in AMM for users to claim membership NFTs to join a territory, to support territory monetization (based on governance) and shared ownership
  • Collective revenue is distributed retroactively to every contributor based on their action
By returning the power to the people, we're expecting to see culture and knowledge flourish from every corner of the net.