t2 ID

On-chain digital identity nurtured by our attention history

What is t2 ID?

t2 ID is the on-chain digital version of us, evolving around our attention history.
t2 Identity (T2 ID), is the sum of a user's digital self-presentation in the t2 network (as shown in graph 1), including his/her social status, attention history, social graph, knowledge graph, and related memberships and achievements.
We are what we read. There is nothing more presentable of our personas than what we deeply engage in reading. t2 ID is the digital version of who we are, constantly evolving, and functioning as the bridge within different social protocols for eligibility, accessibility, and data exchange.
t2 ID is a non-transferable Soulbond token following a user's growth and nurtured by the user's attention. It is non-transferable.

What is t2 ID consists of:


  • T2 ID code: The address (domain) of the user on t2. It is a 24 digits code consisting of the minted date, highlights of the user's info, and the related ID batch when minted. Different batches' t2 IDs have different customized looks and starting digits reflecting the joining period of a user). The user can link their t2 ID with a customized domain name once achieve certain levels, or have it as a paid service (for example, linking with Once minted, the code of the t2 ID cannot be modified and can be linked with one wallet address at a time.
  • Social Handles: Only humans can mint t2 ID on t2. By linking another social handle across other social platforms, the ID can be minted. For the beta stage, we support the initial verification via: - Twitter Account - Lens Handle Once minted, the user can link other social handles to their t2 ID, to enjoy more composability surfing the decentralized social landscape.
  • Customization fields: User name, user bio, related URL, cover, and certain UI customizations.

Social Status

  • World Reputation & Achievements World Reputation is the overall network contribution of a user. It is the sum of the user's reading score, writing score, and inspiration score in the form of accomulated time points (t.p.). World Achievements are the achieved network assets claimed by the users once fulfilled certain criteria. Every season, there will be different sets of achievements ready to be claimed by contributing users. The World Achievements have additional social signaling effects and can be used to boost the user's productivity within the network.
  • Territory Memberships & Achievements Territory memberships are issued NFTs by designated territories to gate their group activities and certain content. They only take effect in the designated territory and will be included within a user's t2 ID. Territory Memberships are the gate of the user's productivity within the group, to count Proof-of-attention (POA) and access collaborative features. Territory Achievements help the territory to distinguish members and facilitate collaborations across the group. It grants the member extra productivity within the group with the related voting weight and frequency.

The main utility of t2 ID:

t2 ID is the human node of the t2 social network. Through t2 ID users can truly own, access, and utilize our data and our Social & Knowledge relationships. t2 ID as a proof of ownership, helps us record & access our:

Attention History

  • Reading history
  • Writing history
  • Curation/Propagation history

Social Graph

  • Followings
  • Followers
  • Close friend circle
Graph: graph presentation of a social graph

Knowledge Graph

  • An Article
  • A User
  • A Space/Collection
  • A Territory
Graph: graph presentation of a knowledge graph