The Square of Time: A User Story

Chapter 1: A sneak peak

The Square of Time: A User Story

Entering t2, Jo is pleasantly surprised by the many territories available, each with its own unique theme, people, and content. Articles inside appear to be high-quality and written & curated by credible people in their respective fields. “Good sign,” Jo thinks, within several clicks, Jo gets his wallet connected and is ready to explore further.
Jo enters the Web3 territory. Inside, there are many spaces representing sub-topics related to Web3, with in-depth discussions and hyper-relevant content. As a newbie to Web3, Jo opens an article in the space called "The Web3 Beginner's Pack."

The t2 reading experience

While reading, the first thing Jo notices is the ultra-clean layout with customization tools that only appear when hovering, and the full-screen option that all the tabs from the browser disappear, the reading window becomes instantly bigger. "Considerate!" Jo thinks. It’s this simple consideration and effort to provide a distraction-free environment that pulls readers in.
After spending 8 minutes reading the article “Why Decentralization Matters” and returning back to the Web3 Territory, Jo is elated to see that 8 time points appeared on the territory's progress bar under "Wanderer". "Alright, so I'm still a Wanderer now, and if I get to 120 time points, I will be able to claim the first badge, and become a citizen. "

On to the next level

Jo reads a bit more and finds out territory badges are community-based NFTs, different badges can be used to access different community features, which include content curation, creating a proposal, collaborating on writing, and socializing with others.
“I see where they’re going with this,” Jo thinks. “Such mechanisms ensure relevance in curation and the culture's perpetuation. Since it’s only when I spend enough effort to prove my interests and engagements, I will have a higher impact as a member of the group. ”
"That's really interesting. So the territories are oriented purely around our retroactive actions, and what can indicate more of our interests than reading?"

What else can t2 offer Jo?

Jo’s first impression: t2 is a great place for reading and experiencing a community—almost like the decentralized article clubs with cool people. “But I’m looking for something more.”
Jo visits the slick-looking of the profile page: "Alright, on my own page, I can write too." Then Jo also discovers the reading history, written drafts, and dashboard. Jo can also open up customizable spaces to curate content inside this, from the entire network. “Brilliant!” Jo says out loud. “So instead of only saving articles to read later, I can curate my own reading lists and share with friends without being limited by my own writings."
Jo tries to open the writing interface and finds a clean interface that directly publishes on Arweav—a decentralized storage network. This way, content in Web3 will never be lost. “Must write my own Web3-related article soon,” Jo makes a mental note.

Jo’s time well spent

But who else is using t2? Curious, Jo finds the page of the friend who introduced t2, who just sees Jo's profile and already follows, now whenever they share their favorite reads or write a new article, They will be able to catch up on everything.
"Finally, someone built a social network around what I value. Timeless missions like reading and writing will always be on my top to-do list. And I hope this will help me be a more enlightened person, and inspire others too."
Jo is really glad to find t2. It offers everything for reading, writing, and socializing. It will help us live a life of learning, exploring— and getting deeper connected, with who we really are.
Special thanks to Mario Gabriele.