Which Territory should I choose for my articles?

It depends on the topic of your article. Currently you can only choose one Territory for your article.

Can I choose my own Sub-Territory?

Currently the Sub-Territory for each article curated the t2 territory admin. If you have any suggestions on where your article should be included, please let us know!

My article is not saving, what happened?

When articles are not saving, please check:

  • Are all the hyperlinks valid? Invalid hyperlinks will be in red colour when you try to save changes or create an article.

  • Is the size of each images below 10MB?

If you checked all above and the issue still persists, please contact us at our Discord support channel.

How does t2 deal with copyright?

As the creator of the article, you own all the rights to your work. Which means you are free to republish your work on t2.

Am I going to earn income from my article?

Currently, you will earn Time Points as you publish, read, and contribute (and as others read your work). Time Points will allow you to level up in the territory ecosystem and access more functions.

They also act as temporary stores of value, so when the network begins to monetize, we can distribute income retrospectively to users based on their accumulated Time Points.

What format should I post my articles in?

Please refer to the Style Guide we prepared for all writers.

Can people who don't have a t2 account see my articles?

At the moment, all articles are available to t2 users only. Please refer to our product roadmap for our future plan.

Are the articles on t2 already on the blockchain?

As we are currently in the alpha product phase, content on t2 is housed on a centralised server. However, as we continue to build the network and add more features, in the near future, everything will be on chain.

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