What t2 offers

The layerings of the t2 network

A Social Network

t2 is a social network around reading and writing. t2 is the common ground for social engagements around our timeless missions of reading and writing for us to be better connected with who we are and what we value.
As a social network, t2 helps us to:
  • Get better connected, recognized, and inspired by others' reading and writing activities.
  • Customized feed based on our subscriptions & followings from communities, users, and topics.
  • Invite friends to co-author, read together, and curate a community to expand our combined social impact.
  • Bonding with users on Social Graphs and nurturing a collective knowledge graph
  • Creating token-gated engagements & subscriptions to create a real economy
  • Grow our reputation and social impact as part of our on-chain identity

A Collective Workspace

t2 is a collective workspace to power our collective intelligence and creativity.
Reading and writing are solitary, but it does not need to be lonely. t2 breaks the solo nature of reading and writing by breaking the boundary between a social network and a collective workspace, expanding our collectiveness towards curating, communicating, and witnessing each other.
As a collective workspace, t2 helps us to:
  • Share our readings
  • Co-authoring on DSN
  • Curate a list of items (together) under a topic
  • Express recognition towards the effort of others
  • Recording our reading history on-chain
  • Publishing on DSN with permanent content ownership
  • Permissionless curation across the t2 network
  • React & Interact with other's network contributions

An Open Protocol

t2 is an Open Protocol that aligns incentives and facilitates our shared ownership towards content creation, curation, and blooming of cultural communities.
As an open protocol, t2 helps us to:
  • Better align our actions and incentives around content creation, curation, and consumption with the network's growth
  • Measure our contributions transparently and distribute value back to every contributor
  • Facilitate governance power within members based on our reputation and authenticity
  • For every 1 min of reading, distribute related time points toward the reader, writer, and territory as a transparent matric of recognition and future value distribution
  • Level up (with time points) to coordinate voting frequency and voting weight between different stakeholders of the network
  • Skin-in-the-game governance on the protocol level for flexible network adaptation and community ownership maximization

A Collective Knowledge Graph

On t2, the ultimate scarcity is our attention, content functions as the catalyst or medium that curates our attention.
t2 witnesses the architecture of the information transit by linking items with our attention spent, recognizing not only the absolute value of content but the relational value, with a transparent matric that is traceable, measurable, and forms a grander scheme of the Collective Knowledge Graph of Human Intellect.
This helps us to better understand what's the hidden link within our creativity and the process behind it, and helps us discover what's our most valuable knowledge sources.
Time is not linear
Nothing is entirely original, creativity is combinational, and culture is a remix.
t2 helps us live this combined life by codifying and plugging our daily content consumptions into a combined knowledge framework. This is the open code of our past and future, choices, and combined destiny.