The t2 Fundamentals

This is the world and the different items within it linked by our attention

The t2 Space Odyssey

t2 is a world of narratives curated by time. Here, people can freely travel to read, write, and curate content as a collaboration and social engagement.
From the biggest to the smallest scales of the network, the hierarchy helps us explore with our intuition as a traveling guide:
XL: t2 World (Platform & Protocol Level)
The sum of all content, people, items, and actions on t2. The ultimate public goods and source code. L: Territories (Community Level)
Territories are the permissionless article clubs on t2. Territories bring their shared passion and unique points of view to the world. M: Spaces (Topic Level)
A niche topic within a territory. When a space becomes big enough, it might branch out to become an independent territory. S: Content
Articles. The medium of attention, the catalyst of engagements.

XS: Actions (Engagements)

A piece of attention history, a comment, a note, a highlight, or a reaction.
Attention is the ultimate scarcity that links/curates all items in the world.

Items on t2 include:

  • An Article
  • A User
  • A Space
  • A Territory
In the future, items will also include:
  • A Note
  • A Highlight
  • A Comment
  • A Proposal
  • A piece of Attention History