Write Without Boundaries

Own your work

As a decentralized publisher, your works on t2 will be stored on DSN (Decentralized Storage Networks). They will never be lost or manipulated, and you will be able to customize how others can engage with them.
Related Features:
  • Permanent ownership of your publications and their affiliates stored on Arweave
  • Customizable visibility of your work toward different user groups
  • Customizable paid subscriptions to create passive income from your work

Collaborate with peers

We believe reading and writing cannot be truly separated, and nothing is entirely original. For our shared intellect and combinational creativity, t2 provides us the common ground to collaborate with each other, to co-create, and inspire further.
  • Co-authoring
  • Co-curate a space of items (a list of content)
  • Open calls to write for a specific topic within a territory

Future Roadmap:

  • Send private notes to each other
  • Threads in public notes & highlights
  • Membership-only group discussions

Expand your audience

One of the dilemmas we see in writers is to only have a fixed type of audience and hard to break the boundary and extend to a whole new group of audiences.
On t2, every territory represents a different group of audience. Writers can openly participate in different territories for content creation and curation, and expand audiences across a different cultural landscape.
  • Submit a proposal to list articles within a territory
  • Content curation by territory members with voting
  • Openly curate content into private & shared & public spaces
  • Launch a new territory together

Build your own community

Without readers and supporters, writers cannot really get recognition and expand their impact. t2 provides you with the toolings for your own community to form, grow, and for you to share this collective ownership with your deepest supporters.
Related Features:
  • Bonding with your readers on Social Graph
  • Create gated memberships with a paid subscription model
  • Shared your growth with your bonded followers (reputation & revenue)