How can I get a t2 account?
At the moment, you can sign up for our closed Alpha testing by filling out this form. We will onboard users in batches to ensure product and service quality.
I have signed up for the waitlist, how long do I need to wait to be onboarded?
You will receive a confirmation email that acknowledges the receipt of your submission. Once it's your turn to be onboarded, you will receive another invitation email with a magic link to connect your wallet and activate your account. The waiting time varies as it depends on our product and capacity. But please rest assured that we make our best effort to ensure that all valid applicants are admitted.
I receive the invitation email, what should I do?
Please follow the instruction in the email to connect your wallet, set up your account, and start exploring t2. We will also host weekly onboarding calls for new users, you can use the Calendly link in the email to book a session with us.
My invitation link is not working, what happened?
The invitation link can only be used once. Please make sure not to share with others. If your invitation link has been used by others without your consent, please contact the t2 team on the Discord #Support channel.
My login page is showing an error, what should I do?
When the login page is showing an error message, please:
  • Make sure that your browser has installed Metamask wallet.
  • Make sure the wallet address is the same address that you have linked to your t2 account.
  • Relaunch the page, if necessary, and clear the cache.
  • If the error message still shows, please contact the t2 team at the Discord #support channel.


How does Time Point measure my reading time?
For every minute you spend reading a new article, you get to accumulate 1 Time Point that can be used to unlock other functions. The Time Points are a great way to incentivize yourself to keep learning and discovering new information. With each article you read, you are expanding your knowledge base and growing as an individual. So, take a few minutes out of your day and start reading – your Time Points are waiting!
How do I receive the Time Points after reading?
You can easily access your personal profile page and redeem your Time Points from there. It's a simple process that will allow you to quickly and easily get the recognition that you have earned for having a good read. Simply log in to your profile page and you will be able to see a list of all the Time Points that you have accumulated.
My Time Point is not updating, what should I do?
It can take up to an hour for Time Points to update and refresh. If your time point is not updating, please:
  • Make sure you have completed reading the article to accumulate full time points.
  • Refresh your page.
  • Log off and log in again.
  • If the issue is not resolved, please contact us at the Discord #support channel.
Can I give time points to others or transfer them to another wallet?
Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your earned Time Powers yet. However, soon you will be able to show your support for your favourite writers by gifting them your Time Points.
I want to make a feature proposal to the t2 team, what should I do?
You can head over to our Discord #contribute forum to make function proposals using the New Features tag.


How can I publish on t2?
During our closed testing stage, only invited writers can publish on t2. However, you can introduce yourself to us using the application form here.
Which Territory should I choose for my articles?
It depends on the topic of your article. Currently, you can only choose one territory for your article.
Can I choose my own Space?
Currently, spaces for each article are selected for you by the t2 territory admin. If you have any suggestions on which space your article should be included in, please let us know.
My article is not saving, what happened?
When articles are not saving, please check:
  • Are all the hyperlinks valid? Invalid hyperlinks will be in red colour when you try to save changes or create an article.
  • Is the size of each image below 10MB?
If you checked all the above and the issue still persists, please contact us at the Discord #support channel.
How does t2 deal with copyright?
As the creator of the article, you own all the rights to your work. Which means you are free to republish your work on t2.
Am I going to earn income from my article?
Currently, you will earn Time Points as you publish, read, and contribute(and as others read your work). Time Points will allow you to level up in the territory ecosystem and access more functions. However, during the testing period, you will not receive any direct income.
What format should I post my articles in?
Please refer to the Style Guide we prepared for all writers.
Can people who don't have a t2 account see my articles?
At the moment, all articles are available to t2 users only. Please refer to our product roadmap for our future plan.


How can I join the t2 Club?
Please refer to our Club Directory for all t2 Club related information.
If you require further assistance, please contact Wanshu: [email protected] Or join our Discord server and post your request in the support channel.