People, Not Algorithms

The Permissionless Content Curation

Why we need content curated by people

Profit-driven algorithms influence billions of us in what we consume, how we engage, and what happens to our data. We have 0 control over it. We are the product.
It's time for a change. And there's no magic, that we as the stakeholders, shall take this shared responsibility, to uphold truth, creativity, and knowledge.

We are the process, not the product

What we deep read indicates what we value. In t2, we contribute our reading and writings as a signal of what we value and help each other find relevance, grow network content, and get deeper bonded for communities to form.
In return, this process will recognize us, elevate us, and unite us.

People inspire people

To inspire and get inspired, is t2's way of rebuilding our social connections.
By sharing our own knowledge-acquiring journies, we inspire each other, get deeper bonded, and contribute to the greater public good of the collective knowledge graph.

How t2 helps us curate content:

On t2, we can curate content as individuals, with friends, or as groups of members from a territory.

Layers of curation on t2:

  • Deep reading is passive curation. What we read gets captured and shared as a feed to our social graphs.
  • Solo/shared curation by individual users Curate a space (theme or topic) under our profiles from the entire t2 content network, able to invite friends to co-own the curation.
  • Group curation within territories. Through voting across its members, territory content gets curated within the territory and its spaces through a content curation pool. * Voting frequency and weight are dependent on their Territory Reputation.
  • World curation with governance Users can participate in t2 world governance through Territory Launchpad to show their preferences of which territories get launched & boosted. *Voting frequency and weight are based on their World Reputation.

Curation relevance & incentives

For curation relevance, t2 utilizes a territory-based leveling-up mechanism to determine members' group impact (voting frequency and weight).
Since proof-of-attention indicates proof of relevance, members grow their territory reputation through reading, writing, and curating to level up, and each level has its corresponding features, community rights, and potential social impacts.
The network also needs to fairly align the incentives among all curators and recognize good work. For now, valid curation is mapped inside the user's reputation growth in time points.
After reaching a certain threshold, users will have unique curation achievements to claim and get included in their t2 ID, which helps them unlock new social & collaborative features, and further increases their social impact and network credibility.

What to follow on t2:

t2 creates diverse content sources by allowing users to follow different items across the world. All following will show within the user's feeds for our daily content discovery.
Related Features:
  • Follow a user
  • Follow a space
  • Join a territory
This breaks the boundary of following and subscribing to the network, by simply letting our attention define the relevant sources for us, potentially shaping a broader knowledge graph for us all.