We Are What We Read

Deep reading as a passive contribution

Readers power the world. With all the content produced every second, media platforms would not flourish if readers didn't give them their attention in the first place.
But readers have always been siloed at the receiving end. We consume content, access paywalls, and clap to writers' works, but have nowhere to reflect a small part of us in the network ownership.
t2 is changing the game. We recognize the attention readers spend as a passive contribution towards the network and use it to grow our identity, curate better content, and get recognition.
  • With visible growth from every read we take, and our growing impact on our identity unlocks more collaborative & socialization features within the network
  • Distraction-free, with future features of tomato timers, goal settings, and ambient sound to improve the digital reading experience

When "Reading" goes ‘Social’

t2 brings social recognition to readers by visually forming our knowledge graphs from our attention history, and for us to tangibly see our impact on the collective knowledge graph, representing our shared creative life.
When our time together achieves connectivity, that's the emergence of value. That's the world t2 is building.
  • Social feed based on our reading and writing activities
  • Read together in real-time to get the company and inspiration from peers
  • Join/ Level up within communities and bond with like-minded others
  • Grow and own our social relationship (Social Graph) and knowledge relationship (Knowledge Graph) on-chain
t2 firmly believes reading can be the new sexy, starting with rebuilding its social recognition and new ways of engaging with others.