How We Get There

Roadmap logic:

With the ambitious vision of t2, we have broken down our roadmap into 3 main stages:
  • Alpha Stage: The Web3 Reader/Publisher with POA
  • Beta Stage: The social network of reading and writing
  • V1-Mainnet: The decentralized social network and collaborative workspace for all readers and writers
We will tackle it step-by-step, first establishing the app foundation with web3 genes, then creating the social impact, adding the collaborative layer, and finally, building a knowledge network owned by us all.

The main scope for every stage:

Alpha (Q1 2023)
Beta (Q2 2023)
V1 ( Launch time TBD)
Deep Reading
Web3 Identity
On-chain Content Curation
Territory Membership NFTs
Publish on DSN
t2 ID & Social Graph following
On-chain Subscription
Time points (Reputation)
User Home Feed
Knowledge Graph
Territory Level Up
Territory Launchpad
User Profiles
Territory Task Boards
World Achievements