Call for Writers

Write to shape the future of social.
Writers are crucial to t2 subcultures, as they enrich the decentralised cultural landscape with knowledge, research and passion. t2 welcomes writers and writing communities with a special focus on long-form timeless articles to join the t2 ecosystem.

What will a writer on t2 receive?*

  • A place to publish freely without censorship.
  • An online social identity with a cumulative reputation that is recognised by all web3 communities.
  • A subculture ecosystem that writers have the power to co-own with all other stakeholders.
  • A supportive community with writing peers and readers that can’t wait to contribute.
  • A playground to explore and experiment on the relationship among writers, readers and contributors.
  • A source of passive income.
*subject to the product roadmap.

t2 Writer Development is now open for writers to submit their applications and become early writers on t2. Early writers will publish on t2’s closed Alpha product, define t2’s early ecosystem culture, shape the t2 product development alongside t2’s core team, and build a close relationship with early t2 readers and form the first cohort of t2 Club members.

Submit the application to become t2 Alpha writers today using this application form. One of our team members will reach out to you for a discussion of your onboarding process.