t2 community is a group of passionate readers and writers. We are expressive, curious and passionate. In this chaotic world filled with misinformation and attention exhaustive products, we support each other with good reads and intellectual discussions.
t2 Club is where t2 community members gather. It’s similar to a neighbourhood pub, except instead of ordering drinks from the bartender, we BYOB(bring your own book/article).
As the members of t2 Club, we build a place together that is noise free yet vibrant for us to read, write and share with peers who share the same passion.
Our attention is valuable. When we spend quality time together and contribute to the same goal, we reach a consensus on where to spend our attention, we become time².
Together, we can shape the future of social.
To curate timeless content as a community and encourage everyone to become focused readers and writers.
To create a world where people can explore trustworthy, nutritious and timeless content freely.
  • We build engaging programmes that reward everyone for doing what they love: reading, writing and sharing.
  • We make friends that can have in-depth discussions with on DAO governance, existentialism, penguins and fan fiction.
  • We take on a collective responsibility of curating better content for the wider internet community.